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Rob Pritzkow grew up in Danville moving here in 1970. Upon graduating from San Ramon High school, he went down to Cal Poly SLO to study Industrial Technology. During this time, he was also able to compete on the Men’s tennis team, achieving All American honors in 1984 and 1985.

After College, Rob moved back to the area and started working in construction framing custom homes. “construction was always something that I had and aptitude and passion for. Once I got into the trades, I never looked back”. After 3 years working for another contractor, Rob went out on his own. In the early years he did a lot of bathroom and kitchen remodels. He also had a love for cabinetry and finish work, so he built a shop in his garage. After working on his own for a couple of years, he hired his first employee, and the business has grown steadily ever since. Today we have 7 to 8 fulltime staff. Of those, 2 work at the cabinet shop/ spray booth full time. The other 5 work in the field performing all the remodel and new construction work. Our workers have a wide range of skills: building foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, cabinetry and finish work.

We have close relationships with various sub-contractors who do all our roofing, slab countertops, tile, stucco and hardwood flooring. “Having a fulltime staff with such a wide range of construction skills has been an incredible resource for our company. It gives us an advantage over a lot of our competitors and allows us to better serve our customers”.

Our Services


Since the inception of our company about 28 years ago, we have always had a cabinet shop, so kitchen remodels have always been a natural fit. During the life of our company (first as Heartwood construction) we have done well over 200 of them. A typical kitchen remodel usually involves taking the room down to the studs, rewiring for new building codes, moving plumbing and then rebuilding the room with new drywall, cabinets, countertops and flooring. A large amount of our current kitchen remodels requires moving or removing load bearing walls and in some cases adding square footage to the room.


We typically have a least 1 addition going at any time. My crew and I especially enjoy these types of projects as it gives us a chance to build from the ground up. No out of level floors or out of plumb walls, we can do it right from the start.


If we have done 200 kitchens, we have probably done 500 bathroom remodels. These also involve taking the room down to the studs and completely rebuilding them. New shower valves, body sprays, vanities, vanity tops, tile floor and shower stall are typical. Moving a sink location or enlarging a shower stall are also very common.

Custom cabinetry

This is one area where we can really take advantage of all our skills. With the cabinet shop as a platform, there is no finish detail to difficult. We also have a spray booth where we perform furniture level finishes. Our spray finisher, Jesus B. is and artist with over 20 years of experience.



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Mexico Missions



For the past 6 years I have had the privilege to accompanying 200 plus High schoolers with the Community Pres church down to Mexico to build homes for some very impoverished families. During 5 of those years I took my own 2 kids also.


Step and Me


Matt, but in Mexico, he is Matteo


Now they are in college, so I have been able to take some of my workers instead.


Juan and Miguel love coming down and helping their fellow countrymen. It is a great time!!!!


My group, TEAM 8


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